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Hi Everyone. We wanted to let you know we switched the Project 680 website to Please have a visit when you can. Thank you so much.


10 2015

Announcing the “30 Day Blitz”

The 30 Day Blitz: For the next 30 days through November 13, 2014 we are going to do a community blitz to help collect some of the most-needed items for homeless students in the FCUSD. Since the Liaison for Homeless Services has informed us the following items are in dire need, that’s what we are focusing on. Moreover, the Blitz will end just before our annual shoe drive, which means homeless students attending the shoe drive are going to get a care package with the following items. We invite your household, friends, business, church, or organization to get involved by donating items or dreaming up another way to support the cause. This is a grassroots volunteer effort, so we love to see the imagination and creativity of the community come alive – especially among kids.

The Biggest Needs (Clothing):
Boys’ Briefs sizes – 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Boys’ Boxers sizes – 10/12, 14/16, 18/20
Boys’ Hoodies sizes – 5T, 6/7, 8/10, 12/14, 16/18
Boys’ Socks sizes – small 5 ½ – 8 1/2 , Med 9- 2 ½, large 3-10
Men’s Boxers – small 28/30, 32/34, 36/38, 42/44
Men’s Socks – size 6-12
Men’s Hoodies – S, M, L, XL
Girls’ Underwear – sizes 4/5, 6/7, 8/10, 12/14
Girls’ Hoodies – 4, 5, 6, 7, 8/10, 12/14, 16/18
Women’s Underwear – sizes 5, 6, 7, 8
Women’s Hoodies – S, M, L, XL

The Biggest Needs (Supplies):
Men’s Body Wash
Men’s Deodorant
Women’s Deodorant
Women’s Body Wash


Drop-Off & Finale Celebration: You can drop off any donations to City Hall in Rancho Cordova or a few different locations (coming soon). We are going to celebrate a successful drive on Thursday November 13 from 5-8pm at Rancho Cordova City Hall. Come drop by donations, mingle, and/or help count and organize donations. We can also accept checks and cash donations through our non-profit 501c3 sponsor. Checks can be made payable to “Cordova Community Council” with a “Project 680” in the memo.

NOTE: For some reason we cannot add photos on this WordPress theme any longer, and all previous photos are missing. We will work on this. Sorry for the lame look right now.


10 2014

The Sock Walk (a new event)

We are doing a Sock Walk on April 5. We were going to do a bike ride too, but we changed things up. Sorry for any inconvenience. Please spread the word. Each walker can donate one pack of socks for homeless students. Bring a sack lunch so we can mingle too after getting some exercise).

Project 680 Walk -530pixels


03 2014

The Sock Ride & Walk

We are really excited to announce a community bike ride and walk. We are going to ride and walk on April 5, 2014 and we hope you can join us. Details below. Any questions?

Project 680 Bike & Walk -530pixels


02 2014

Gaps being filled. Thank you.

Thank you everyone for supporting the Fill in the Gaps drive. The community came through again, which is amazing – especially since there were some complications this time around for getting the drive off the ground. We have quite a bit of donations to get into the hands of students, and we are so thankful for what you gave. Whether big or small, thank you for your support. We are still collecting donations too, so you are welcome to continue to participate.

Here are a few images from the drive:

project 680 fill in the gaps drive

These are only some of the donations that showed up to our coffee finale at Starbucks a couple of nights ago. Various residents from Rancho Cordova and Folsom came by and City Hall in Rancho Cordova dropped off their loot of donations too. Nice job everyone!!

project 680 fill in the gaps drive - donation from Lyle Co in Rancho Cordova

A big thank you to Lyle Co in Rancho Cordova for donating $200 in cash. Lyle Co has been so supportive these past few years. Also, we should mention Golden State Water Company made a very generous donation to support homeless students last month. It’s amazing to see the business community come together.

folsom family donation

This is the Klaiber family and they are amazing. They donated quite a bit to the drive this year. Honestly, Folsom has really begun to step up in a big way. When we started it was mostly all Rancho Cordovans who were supporting Project 680, but now there is a really healthy balance. This is great since our focus is on any child in the FCUSD – whether Folsom or Rancho Cordova. Thank you!!!

project 680 shoe drive

The annual shoe drive took place last month. It was incredible to see students get to pick out shoes and find something that fits perfectly.

Thank you for your focus on others. Life is better that way, and homeless students really do have big needs. Let’s continue to help meet some of their needs so we can keep them in school and prod them toward success.


12 2013

Sac-Connect supports Project 680

A quick shout out to Sac-Connect for supporting the Project 680 Fill in the Gaps drive. We really appreciate you. Thanks especially to members Melissa Messer and John Book for their generosity. Sac-Connect wanted to do a video too, so check it out below (or here):


12 2013

Do you want to help “fill the gaps” for homeless kids?

Hi there. We wanted to share some exciting news today, but also explain how things work. If you’ve been a part of Project 680 before, you know our goal is always to build up a storehouse of items for homeless kids. That’s exactly why all of us have focused on collecting thousands of pairs of undies and socks at a time over the past five years. Then when supplies get low, we do it all over again. Well, right now there are some areas that are in very low supply, so we’re going to focus on “filling the gaps” this Fall for specific items so the needs of homeless students can be met. We would love to join forces together. Are you game? Click HERE for more details. 

What can it look like for our community to come together to care for homeless students? What does it look like for families, individuals, churches and businesses to care for kids?


Boys’ Hoodies – Size 5T-6
Boys’ Hoodies—Size 8, 10-12, 14-16, 18-20
Boys’ Boxers – Size 7/8, 18/20 (NO BRIEFS)
Girls’ Hoodies – Size 8-10, 12-14, 16-18
Girls’ Underwear – Size 14-16
Women’s Hoodies – Size L, XL and XXL
Women’s Underwear – Size 5, 6, 7, 8
Men’s Boxers – Size Small 28-30, Medium 32-34 (NO BRIEFS)

Men’s body wash & shampoo (2 in 1)
Regular size bar soap
Family size tooth paste

Let us know if you have any questions. You can use the following image on your blog, website or social media to help spread the word too. The direct link for the Fill in the Gaps drive is

680 fill in the gaps -530pixels


10 2013

How one woman turned a 100-mile bike race into a gift for homeless students

We wanted to give an exciting update. About a month ago Erin Stumpf let us know on our Facebook page that she would be donating $1 to Project 680 for every mile she completed in a 100-mile bike race (her first 100-miler by the way). Well, we are elated that Erin completely finished the race and she generously donated $100 to Project 680. What a cool way to turn something she was doing into a way to bless others.

Erin Stumpf donates to Project 680

This was Erin’s way of participating in the 90-Day Health Challenge. She’s not losing weight, but she’s focused on fitness and helping homeless students in the process. Thank you so much Erin!! You sincerely rock!!

erin's office friendThe Power of Generosity: To top things off, one of Erin’s co-workers at Dunnigan Realtors saw our Facebook post and decided to match Erin’s donation. It was a simple comment on the thread, but it resulted in an additional $100 dollars to support homeless kids. Isn’t this how generosity works? You step out to give to others and it ends up being a magnet to spread to others. Thank you so much for your kindness Stephanie Gallagher.

Find a way to be generous today. Whether that is with money, time or sharing a talent.

90-Day Health Challenge: If you want to be involved in the health challenge too, let us know. The concept is to donate $1 for every pound you lose to Project 680. You can join in anytime from now to December 1. If money is tight, just join anyway and don’t worry about donating. Also, we will have a Fall drive kicking off very soon, so keep your ears open.


10 2013

The “Fill in the Gaps” Drive

We are going to roll out a new “Fill in the Gaps” drive very soon, so we wanted to give a heads-up to everyone. See the image below for details. We’ll be sure to give more specifics very soon. We can’t wait to pull this off together. Love wins.

680 fill in the gaps -530pixels


09 2013

Woman will donate $1 to charity for each mile she rides in a 100-mile bike race

We were so excited to hear this creative and generous idea. Erin Stumpf let us know on our Facebook page the other day that she will be donating $1 to Project 680 for every mile she completes in an upcoming 100-mile bike race on September 28. This is her way of participating in the 90-Day Health Challenge. She’s not losing weight, but she’s focused on fitness and helping homeless students in the process as she aims to conquer her first 100-miler. Thank you so much Erin!! You rock!!

Erin Stumpf

If you want to be involved in the health challenge too, let us know. The concept is to donate $1 for every pound you lose to Project 680. You can join in anytime from now to December 1. If money is tight, just join anyway and don’t worry about donating. Also, we will have a Fall drive kicking off very soon, so keep your ears open.


09 2013

Pregnant woman will donate $1 to charity for every pound she GAINS

We are blown away to hear what Amanda is doing to participate in our 90-day community health challenge. Since she is pregnant and cannot focus on losing weight at this time, she is going to be donating $1 to homeless students for every pound she GAINS.

pregnant woman donating to charity for every pound she gains - Project 680

What an amazing and loving example. It’s neat to think you are already passing on values to your future son or daughter. You are doing something right, Amanda! Thank you for your effort and example. If anyone wants to join forces with Amanda and others, check out what we are doing here.


08 2013

Our 90-day health challenge is TAKING OFF

After only two days of conversation we already have over 20 people signed up for our 90-day health challenge. Isn’t that amazing? We are going to shed some pounds and love homeless students at the same time. This is a great thing for everyone involved. So many times we give to charity, and we might get a warm and fuzzy feeling because we did a good deed. This is unique because as we give to others, we are going to hopefully build relationships with people around us and gain a better life in the process. Please click HERE to read more and find out how to get involved.

example of instagram photo with hashtagMost people who have joined are regular folks who just want to drop a few pounds. Some have been at it for a while and this will help serve as the last stretch to their target weight. Others have a longer way to go and this will be the first step. The most important thing in health is to take that first step. Decide to be healthy and then act like a healthy person acts. It’s that simple theoretically, yet it takes intention and discipline.

You can do it!!

Hashtag Love: By the way, you can share about your story and this community emphasis by using the hashtag “#680 pounds” on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Give a status update and then in your status include #680pounds so people can track the status on the social network. This photo used the hashtag on the photo itself, but also in the text of the status update.

This all begins on September 1. You can of course jump on at any time during the next 90 days, but if you are reading this now, why not go for it?


08 2013

Get fit and help homeless kids at the same time?

This is good on too many levels. It came about yesterday after a post went up on Facebook from a Project 680 supporter who wants to lose 20 pounds. He basically asked if any Facebook friends would like to focus on getting fit together and donate $1 to Project 680 for every pound lost over the next 90 days. The response was immediate and enthusiastic, so we wanted to take it on as a group. This is a great way to connect with locals…. and we’ll do some good together. What do you think?

680 pounds -530pixels

Let us know if you have any questions or ideas for how to pull this off. Please spread the word and bring any ideas or logistical skills to the table if you wish too.


08 2013